Ohm Energetics: Guided Meditations for Conscious Creation

Hello, I’m Harlan Snyder and I’d like to invite you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth. Together, we will explore the inner realms of your conscious world as we create a life of authenticity and empowerment.

Welcome to Guided Meditations for Conscious Creation...

The Guided Meditations for Conscious Creation is a music-based meditation system, designed to open the pathways to your highest self. The practices presented in the album use the transformative power of music, binaural beats, symbolism, and guided meditation to awaken and release the hidden potential within each of the seven core energy centers that regulate all of your choices—guiding you toward a more confident, empowered, and authentic life.

The  8-step program in the Guided Meditations will help you:

  • Develop awareness through the practice of mindfulness
  • Overcome fears & insecurities that hold you down
  • Open joyful expression by releasing negative thought habits
  • Gain self-confidence & personal empowerment
  • Explore & heal relationships
  • Learn to access your creative flow to achieve your goals
  • Consciously create your vision or best version 
  • Enhance spiritual clarity & direction

Through the consistent practice of these guided meditations, you will find yourself becoming more confident, secure in your ability to make choices, filled with purpose, and profoundly comfortable with who you are.

I hope you gain as much joy and purpose from experiencing the Guided Meditations for Conscious Creation as I have in creating it for you.

Harlan Snyder - CSMC, CELC

Ohm Energetics - Guided Meditations for Conscious Creation: 
Harmonically Awaken & Create Your Best Life—and Your Dreams!

Purchase the full set of Ohm Energetics guided meditations and save!  When you purchase the full set, you can work through each meditation at your own pace, allowing for deep transformation to begin through all of the core energy fields that regulate how you choose to satisfy your important life needs. 

The meditations are 30 minutes each, with an additional 30 minutes of background music to extend your meditation time up to 1 hour if desired.  It is suggested that you start with the Guided River of Thoughts Meditation to help teach you the fundamentals of mindfulness, and then work your way from the core energy center regulating the need for security, up through the need for spirituality. 

Each meditation is packed with imagery, symbols, binaural beats, and concepts that your subconscious needs to creatively reprogram outdated beliefs, conditions, habits, and thoughts keeping you from creating your best version.

Ohm Energetics: Guided Meditations For Conscious Creation

Harlan Snyder

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Full album includes 8 powerful meditations that teach you how to disconnect from your thoughts and increase awareness, develop security, well-being, self-realization, relationship, creativity, vision, and spirituality.

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