Security: Guided Mountain Meditation

Guided Mountain Meditation

Guided Mountain Meditation

The Guided Mountain Meditation draws our focus in and down, toward the very base of the spine.  It is at this point we are able to connect with the energy that regulates our sense of security.  This core energy field helps govern our most basic survival needs.  It represents our foundation and feelings of being grounded.  

When fully opened and balanced, we are able to first visualize, then manifest ourselves as having a solid foundation, firmly and effortlessly supported by the earth.  Here, we can sit with dignity and a mountain...knowing the universe provides everything we need...not just to survive, but to thrive, so we can achieve our highest potential.

The background music has a primal/tribal rhythm, which helps induce deep relaxation and elicit feelings of strength and security.

We suggest that you use headphones while listening to the guided meditation so that you are sure to receive the full effects of the binaural beats.  These special frequencies entrain your brainwaves to the Theta state, and are associated with the functions of the brain during R.E.M. sleep cycles.  Here, the subconscious can go to work, helping resolve and reprogram the unconscious habits that control over 95% of your daily life.