Spirituality: Sky Like Mind Meditation

Sky Like Mind Meditation

Sky Like Mind Meditation

The Sky Like Mind Meditation draws our focus to the very top of our head, resting on and just above the crown.  It is at this point we are able to connect with the energy that regulates our sense of spirituality.  When we bring our attention to this energy field, we gain a sense of oneness with the universe, we apply the knowledge we have learned in our life (living from a heart of wisdom and grace), and we let go of old, ego-based choices.  We focus not on what is right or wrong, but on what is the most loving choice.  We break through the either/or two-dimensional paradigms that want to draw lines in the sand, and we start seeing a myriad of possibilities and potentials...refining our ability to see into each one and better know the altered realities they will create.  This is our "home frequency."  It directly connects us with our highest purpose and potential, allowing us to tap into the Source that is in all and is ALL that we experience.  

When fully opened and balanced, we experience being in a state of openness and we begin to realize that our mind occupies more space than just our head.  We feel a state of blissful union with all that is.  Prejudice disappears and we become more in tune with ourselves and the world.  We also develop a sense of clarity and enlightened wisdom.

The background music incorporates binaural beats, which entrain the brain to the Theta frequencies...inducing a deep, dream-like meditative state that works perfectly for opening the mind to unlimited possibilities.

We suggest that you use headphones while listening to the guided meditation so that you are sure to receive the full effects of the binaural beats.  These special frequencies entrain your brainwaves to the Theta state, and are associated with the functionings of the brain during R.E.M. sleep cycles.  Here, the subconscious can go to work, helping resolve and reprogram the unconscious habits that control over 95% of your daily life.