Well-Being: Safe Place Meditation

Safe Place Meditation

Safe Place Meditation

The Safe Place Meditation draws our focus in and down, to an area two inches below the navel, along the spine.  It is at this point we are able to connect with the energy that regulates our sense of well-being and pleasure.  This core energy field is instrumental in developing flexibility in life.  It supports personal expression and begins to form our identity through relating to others and the world.  

When fully opened and balanced, our relationship with the world and with other people is able to manifest pleasure and harmonious exchange.  We develop a nurturing spirit, our feelings flow freely, and we are expressive, without being over-emotional.

The background music incorporates binaural beats, which entrain the brain to the Theta frequencies...inducing a deep, dream-like meditative state...perfect for creating a garden of safety and healing.

We suggest that you use headphones while listening to the guided meditation so that you are sure to receive the full effects of the binaural beats.  These special frequencies entrain your brainwaves to the Theta state, and are associated with the functionings of the brain during R.E.M. sleep cycles.  Here, the subconscious can go to work, helping resolve and reprogram the unconscious habits that control over 95% of your daily life.